Covered Entity Security Policies Suite

HIPAA Security rules concerning how covered entities handle the creation, reception, transmission and upkeep of electronic protected health information (e-PHI) demand that companies must protect such information against threats that could compromise privacy.  The HIPAA Covered Entity Template suite will teach and inform companies who look to fulfill the requirements of administrative safeguards under section 164.306.

Information in the HIPAA Covered Entity Template suite addresses information for everyone in the company, whether they deal with e-PHI directly, or whether they only need a general knowledge of HIPAA Security requirements.  

Questions answered in this template suite include the following:

  • How can your company best implement controls on e-PHI to follow HIPAA guidelines and protect your client’s sensitive information?
  • What must your team do to protect e-PHI from a variety of possible threats such as viruses and natural disasters?
  • How do you best ensure that your company follows guidelines for the HIPAA Privacy Rule?
  • How will you go about informing a variety of job levels about the HIPAA specifications that affect them?
  • What will your companies plan look like with consideration to your specific business’ size, complexity and line of business?
  • What are the costs of these security measures?
  • What is the difference between addressable and required implementation specifications of this sub-part?
This template suite is tailored according to the most recent updates in Security Best practices, NIST Standards, ISO 27002 and HITECH Act. The suite can be tailored according to the covered entity’s security and privacy needs in regards to its existing HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule since it is delivered in MS Word/Excel formats.